Intuitive Astrology Quest

Embark on an Astrological Journey with AliSun Trees aka “Auntie Owl”

You know those aha! moments when you just know that something rings true for you! Everything suddenly, spontaneously shines and sparkles so much brighter. Perhaps, an idea or insight lands in a whole new way. You feel fired up! Engaged with life. Standing at the precipice of change, you find yourself open and enlivened; Ready to move forward upon your path. Empowered. Invigorated. Enchanted. In love with life.

ASTROLOGY has the potential to awaken your reality, naturally and spontaneously! You know those inspired & aha! moments when you just feel intuitively that something rings true for you! Everything suddenly and spontaneously shines and sparkles that much brighter…The wisdom shared though the lens of Astrology helps us to rekindle that spark within while illuminating the path forward. As we reclaim our personal power & presence we shine bright like the SUN while feeling a greater connection with all of life.
Click the image below to take flight on an Astrological Quest!