Many moons ago, on a starry night while howling at the moon, I touched the pulse of something so alive and beautiful growing from within, that I felt waves of bliss and excitement resonating throughout my whole being….a kind of remembrance emerged, if you will.

…and then a VISION followed…a VISION of how to share this pulse that touched me so deeply into the fabric of reality.

Spontaneously emerging from my journal resting upon my lap appeared the words written in BIG capital letters “AWAKEN YOUR REALITY”

…and in all these passing moons, the vision has grown and expanded in new ways.

“AWAKEN YOUR REALITY” is an invitation to inspire and awaken the creative pulse of spirit that is alive in you and me, everyone and everything…

Inspired by the beauty and joy of engaging the synchronicities of life, and everything magical, is a place you are welcome to visit anytime for nourishment and inspiration.