alisun4Greetings and Solar Salutations!

I AM SO GRATEFUL to be walking this path with all of you. We are living in transformative times and how beautiful it is to feel the infinite beauty that is flowing through you and me and everyone and everything!

This lifetime has been devoted to observing, gathering, growing, creating, unraveling, revealing and listening for the pulse and purpose of my life path and the ways in which I wish to be of service in the world.

I have dipped my paintbrush in a myriad of colors, touched the pulse of powerful energy centers on the planet and have traveled into the deep rich mysteries of Mother Earth, all the while remembering the vast and expansive worlds from which we all emerged from.

Upon this great adventure of life, I have met and continue to meet numerous allies, teachers and wonderful beings from all walks of life.
And have learned so much.

And I continue to learn an remember…In this remembering, lies the passion, the purpose and the pursuit of living ones life to the fullest…

It’s this pulse of remembrance…remembering who we are as human beings, as well as celebrating the infinite, limitless and expansive beings that we truly are.

It’s those magical moments and intuitive nudges that raises our awareness and lights us up from the inside out. It’s the magickal path.

What lights you up?….What makes you sing? What stokes your fire?

The truth is we each have the capacity to light each other up, and as we each step into the circle and share our pulse, our magic and wisdom, then collectively we have the great opportunity of living and vibrating in a way that is a gift for everyone.

My greatest joy and passion is to engage in life in ways that inspire and awaken us to shine even brighter together…