Sedona Vortex


LISTENing on the winds, a stirring brews in the distance. A sea of birds pass above upon the rich azul sky. The red earth landscape shimmers with hues of regal red and bright luminous orange stretching far beyond the naked eye. Giant cathedrals of Red Rocks peek out from vista to vista revealing a winding road.

Chasing vortexes is a magical spiraling dance with Spirit. One can be swept away in an instance captivated by such vast beauty. Remembering to slow down and be present to the energy spiraling up through the earth here and now, I realize that the very rock that my foot rests upon is the very place that I am to BE.

What is more MAGICAL than LISTENing and FEELing into the spaciousness and consciousness of each and every moment?

I remind myself to CENTER. BREATH. LIVE IN GRATITUDE and with upmost reverence for the beauty that is in the NOW.

The winds surge and shift directions. It’s my call from Spirit to make an offering and go forward on my journey.


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