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Following the pulse of joy…


We all catch glimpses of something so fantastic, from time to time, that the world around us begins to take on new shapes and forms that enliven our spirits to grow. Inspired by an extraordinary sunset or impulse that lifts us in some way, we feel a calling from deep within to be express in ways that are so very natural and unique to who and what we are. In those moments we often experience an inner knowing that sends chills up and down our spines or a similar sensation unique to our own. One that reveals our true essence natrually inspiring joy.

Following the pulse of our excitement and joy, inspires a shift that encourages us to stretch even greater than ever before.

As we begin to open and expand our new wings on the horizon, we experience our inner and outer reality changing and sparking a greater awareness offering more vitality and vibrancy to our lives. Everything changes from deep within, naturally inspiring a shift that is unique to our personal experience.

Everything and everyone begins to shine even brighter as we orient to the new way of seeing our lives and the world within, emanating from the inside out. I find that it takes an openness and a willingness to be transparent to be a free spirit. It takes great focus, intention and a willingness to change and grown, as we expand and shift in ways that are truly and authentically real! and to be lifted to be of service in the world.

Each day, we are shining brighter, naturally and spontaneously sweeping away old patterns, inspiring more love to shine and to be seen. We become lighter and brighter, which inspires the whole world to vibrate in a whole new way.

Perhaps, this is why we truly chose to be here at this most auspicious time?


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