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“Let us find Spirit in every moment, and in all places.”


Listening for the pulse beneath my finger tips upon the keyboard…I take a moment to pause…reflect…and listen gently for a message on the winds.

By my feet, I catch a glimpse of a piece of paper that moments ago spiraled down from my desk to the floor.

I pick it up. The message reads, “Let us find Spirit in every moment, and in all places.”

Ah. Yes. Perfect…A great place to start. We could all use a little nudge from time to time to tune into the magic of each moment. And to the spirit of place.

This past year, I, along with 50 green Gaia’s embarked on a beautiful spirit filled journey with the Gaia School of Earth Healing and Earth Education here in California. It was a 10 month journey into the world of plant sprit healing and herbal studies passed on through the WISE WOMAN TRADITION. In fact, these words written on the paper were a sweet gift from one do our meetings together.

It was a time devoting to remembering…unwinding…stretching…growing…and reWILDing! and most of all, at least for me, Remembering my ROOTS…

Many of us have felt a disconnection with where we came from. From our Roots. The very roots from which we came from as human beings on planet earth, to the land upon which we live upon as well as accessing the roots of our inner worlds.

This has occurred over time for many reasons. And I imagine we could trace this way back into the spiraling patterns of our DNA. For we all carry within us the codes and keys of our ancient ancestry held into the very structure and foundation of our being. And sometimes all it takes is a spark, something that ignites a remembrance of something. Its this pulse and remembrance of our connection to our communities, ecosystems, and with with each other that ushers us into great health and well being. As we tap the root, so to speak, we learn to tend in a new way.

Once, we touch the pulse of our roots and synch up with our natural rhythms, we build up strength and power to reach beyond what has ever been before.

A spark lights us up from within. A light turns on.

As we return to our roots, we expand into worlds so vast and expansive that we laugh in wonder, wondering, why it took so long to find our ROOTS, once again.. Imagine, if everyone grew their own food and herbs in accordance with the spirit of the land, the planets and the moon. What once was so natural and vital to our way of life on the planet has become lost as if hidden deep in the earth as a hidden treasure, to be discovered today!

Some of us, were either lucky enough to have a grandparent that carried the wisdom and passed on througb the family line, or lived and grew up close to the land. Or perhaps, made the courageous and bold choice to take it upon themselves to travel into the depths of Earths wisdom and bring it back into awareness in the collective.

We are living in time, where it is imperative and ripe to remember again our natural ways and cycles. Our Planet is changing and there is a potentiality that our planet may be uninhabitable for our future ancestors to live on the planet…

We all are becoming more aware of this. And while, we each may each sense this and carry our unique perspective of the coming ways of the world, we know deep in our hearts that the opportunity and invitation of these coming days, is to return to our ROOTS To celebrate Mother Earth.

It is time to empower ourselves to care for ourselves in a greater way. To tend to the Wild…to inspire a global world wide shift, to return to harmony…
Not because we have to, because we truly want to! Its that spark that lights us up, where we remember who we are…

We live in a world where people are cut off from their roots, which causes much disease and illness in our bodies and in the ones we love. We can heal this split. And its free. Its the most inexpensive health care there is today. It takes care, Yes…

and while, many of us have been tending the soil of Mother Earth for a long time and have kept this knowledge close to our hearts, there is a greater call to remember once again…to fully participate…in ways that nourish our souls and lights the path for others to see.

So, “Let us find Spirit in every moment and in all places” may sounds simple, and it is…but imagine a whole world fully touching the pulse of life and being moved and inspired by the magic of each and every moment. Celebrating the juiciness of life and the very land we stand upon. Let’s reclaim this!


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