Communion with Nature


Mother Nature offers us some of the most extraordinary opportunities to divine and communicate with the natural world. The more we take the time to connect with nature, we begin to see that the nature spirits are more than happy to make contact with us. The truth is that we are always connected. However, when we realize this truth, and feel it in the core of our bones, what emerges is something fantastic and other worldly.

It’s as easy as taking a moment to pause, reflect and listen for the synchronicities occurring. Through our senses we form relationships. It may be through taste, smell, touch, energetically or spiritually.

Some may see light around the plants in the form of devas, faeries or elves. Others may sense something familiar forming in their memories through the sensations of touch and smell. Perhaps, transported back into a childhood memory or a past life experience. The important thing to realize is that we all form our own unique relationships with nature. And there is no limit to what that can be like for us.

When we listen for and tune in to the subtleties and vibrations of nature, we enter into a state of oneness and open our channels to receive messages from the earth and cosmos in beautiful ways.

Living in a state of harmony and following our divine inner compass, offers us a plethora of insights and messages that inspire us along the path of wholeness and well being. The natural world teaches and reflects so beautifully, the art of living in harmony, as this is their natural state of being.


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