Plant Medicine in the Dreamtime


Tuning into the energetic matrix of The Earth and cosmic sky, I stretch forth my arms, feeling the pulse of life upon my fingertips. Luminous streams of light expand and swirl around me in my bedroom space. Tuning into the frequencies and images forming, I enter into the sacred dreamtime.

Slipping gently into my dreams, my body feeling relaxed and spacious, I enthusiastically call upon my beloved plant spirit allies. Pulses of light appear and caress my skin. A gentle wind ignites and lifts me into an expanded state of consciousness.

Luminous reflections of greens and golden rays of sunshine penetrate the layer between the seen and unseen worlds. Plants waving in the wind, swaying back and forth, in harmony with the dancing winds. I am captivated by their presence. Streams of light ride the waves upon the surface of my skin.

Light and airy, calm and friendly, a green, luminous geometric form bathes me in its significant form. “Who are you, I ask?” “I am a healing plant. Some refer to me as Noni.”
Bitter in taste, sweet in nature, she wraps me up in an ecstatic trance, embracing me closely around her body.

My heartbeat growing slower and deeper, I discover that I have landed in the center of a tropical rainforest. Spontaneously, I feel lifted and transported into a new reality.

A light ahead cascades through the glass paned building, calling me to come forth. Luminous green lights flicker in the sunlight catching my eye. Following the beam of light as far as I can go, I stand at the doorway greeted by three beautiful radiant forms.

Three full figured colorfully dressed women reach their hands towards me, making an offering of food. They exchange knowing glances to each other. I receive their gifts graciously.

Tamales, beans and rice, guacamole, chips and salsa, pass into my hands. “Eat”, they say. I hear faint voices and the exchange of giggles.

“May I enter the garden with my food, I ask?
“Yes,” they answer as they usher me forward with a sweeping motion ahead.

Feeling inspired and curious, I enter a wonderful and magical space. An array of plants illuminate from the garden just steps away.

The garden is alive, buzzing with harmony and intention. I feel a buzz and pulse of life connecting with my field of energy. Setting down the food on the steps of the passageway, I follow a thread of light to the tall and luminous green leaves, in the near distance.

Scanning the garden, left to right, all around and then back again, I realize that I am left to solitude in the space.

Feeling a pulse of gravity bringing me closer to the earth, I enter into a state of sacred communion. My breath expanding as my heartbeat mingles and merges with the resonance of the light.

Resting upon the fertile soil, I tune into the matrix of the earth. Timeless and present. Expansive and liberating. I feel at peace. At home. A natural state of being emerges as I return to my self.

Enjoying the awareness of the collective field of energy, a message of light is sent my way, as if carried on the winds of change.

“Take a leaf and rub this leaf upon your unclothed body,” the spirit offers.

I peel off the layers of my clothes. Feeling uninhibited and free to be me, I rest naked upon the earth. Feeling a cleansing sweep of a warmth sensation, I allow an intimate dance with the plant spirits to emerge. Engaged, I experience a familiar and warm feeling rubbing up against my body. All my sensations are further awakened and activated, as I can feel everything to the touch.

One gigantuous Noni leaf emerges. Taking the one giant leaf in my hand, I rub my whole body with the plant, in a sweeping and cleansing motion. As the spirit encouraged me to do.

“Prepare yourself and be gentle.”The spirit offers.

A stirring of the winds invites my attention. This will help center you as you go forth on your new journey.” Feeling transported, yet ever present in this new reality, I take the time to receive the healing and transmissions available to me among this collective field of energy.

Feelings of gratitude encompass my awareness, as I offer gratitude to the spirit of this luminous and beautiful feminine plant. Shortly after, I awaken from this beautiful dream. Sunlight streaming through the window, with the feeling of spirit on my skin.


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