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Spontaneous Opening in Munich, Germany…


A couple of months before The Thomas Fire swept through our beloved town of Ojai, spontaneously inspiring a new trajectory upon our paths, I was skyping with a dear friend who currently lives in Germany. We met at The Findhorn Community in Scotland five years ago at the time of the Summer Solstice.

Our conversation, on this particular day, was about how we both were feeling the call to travel. To connect with the nature spirits, ancestors and elemental beings of land(s) around the world. To touch the pulse points of Gaia. As Anne enthusiastically shared about her recent travels to India, I held closely in my hand, a potently rich bottle of water she gathered for me from the Mother Ganges River a few months prior.

Over the phone, we inspired a spontaneous adventure. We imagined our bodies as acupuncture needles touching the pulse points of Mother Earth. Expanding our luminous fields, we embarked on a spirited journey that planted potent seeds into the Multiverse. On that sunny early autumn day, our souls knew something very magical and transformative was about to happen. But, of course we did not know when, how or what would all emerge. Or where for that matter.

Seven months following this inspired phone call, I send Anne a message…Guess what, Anne? We are coming to Germany…I could feel a stirring of excitement over the phone lines. And alas, my husband, Tyler and I, landed right in the city center and heart of Munich, Germany.

Crawling out of jet lag, I meet Anne at our apartment. We embrace each other with a sweet sisterly hug and agree that the park is calling! We begin our adventure enjoying a healthy serving of tasty lentil soup at a tea house on the edge of the park. It’s a beautiful spot with a cottage like feel invoking a sweet and nostalgic energy. Anne and I haven’t seen each other in five years and so our visit is extra special and potent for us. For we know our time together is one to be treasured. Not a moment to waste. For we have “work” to do!

Our bellies happy, nourished and full, we get up from our cozy table and walk further into the the park. The land here is sprawling and teeming with life. Groups of people gather on both sides of the vibrant creek engaging in a wide variety of activities. Bottles of water and spirited beverages chill in the slow moving waters. Lush green trees and plants welcome us as we feel our way through the gardens.

Naturally, we weave our conscious awareness and attention towards our beloved plant allies. Anne and I share a love for nature and have so much to offer to each other in our discoveries and explorations upon our respective plant paths.

While walking among the lush green trees, Anne initiates an inspired conversation. “Ayahuasca has been calling to me lately.”

I respond…”aaah, yes…me too! I have been feeling her presence so very close to my heart. She really is touching a lot of souls on the planet at this time. I have deep reverence and respect for Mother Ayahuasca and all her healing ways. Isn’t it fascinating how many of us are feeling the call to sit with her? To be with her? All around the world.

You know, Anne, we can connect with her spirit, right here, right now in the heart of the city, if you like.

Perhaps, she has a message for us today.”


We continue to walk through the park gently observing where our landing spot for our adventure may be. We look for a place tucked away in the trees. Everywhere there are groups of people. Especially in the trees and among all the hidden away spots.

“How about up there, as I point to the monument above.”

We climb our way up to the center of the hill and locate our spot on the grass. It’s truly a resonant spot with a strong magnetic gravitational pull. The hum and pulse of the land is potent and sweet. Two acupuncture needles touching the earth, we both simultaneously drop in and allow our natural rhythms to harmoniously flow. 😃 Sitting in lotus position, our sit bones support our bodies in a gentle embodied alignment as we dive deep into the quantum field. We begin to imagine our roots mingling and merging with all of life. A magnetic force draws us closer to the pulse of Gaia.

“Take my hands. Let’s go on an adventure,” I offer to Anne.

As our arms reach forward to meet each other, our palms touch at the center points, illuminating and activating our chakra points. A light and luminous energetic pulse between our palms sparks between us, inspiring a lifted awareness. Smiling and grinning from ear to ear, we both feel an awakened sense of joy in our hearts, feeling and expressing the gratitude for this moment together and for the land and spirits of this land.

As we align and attune with soft focused intention, we make a quantum leap, weaving our conscious awareness into the Great Mystery. The cosmic waves of Gaia inspire and conjure as as a warm glow dances at the base of our spines, forming a solid connection. Energy flows from head to toe in a symphonic and reciprocal dance. Crystalline bands of light and vibrational pulses of color inspire waves of bliss and ecstasy.

As I gaze upon Anne’s energy field, I observe luminous rays of golden light streaming forth from the top of her crown chakra. The strands of her hair appear light and transparent in form. Her face subtly weaves and shifts into various forms. “I am experiencing an incredible sense of Oneness,” Anne offers enthusiastically. “I feel that I am one with the crystalline grid of the Earth.” As we widen our field of perception and travel on, we initiate a few rounds of breath work to further inspire our focus, imagination and intention.

Two mystic travelers, on a quest to meet with our beloved plant allies, we harmonize our hearts and breath in resonance. An expansion awakens in the luminous field.

A familiar presence emerges. A lightness of being permeates the space. A beautiful being we have read about, heard stories about and have seen in our visions appears. Ayahuasca’s presence dances into our awareness, as a deeper resonance abounds.

Ayahuasca’s presence is palpable to the touch. Spontaneously, we are transported into states of consciousness in resonance with her frequency and vibration. I find myself transported to a land far far away among what appears to be on the edge of a tropical rainforest. It feels natural to be here. It feels really really good to be here.

Feeling grounded and centered among the edge of the jungle, I find myself sitting next to a beautiful bountiful beloved earth goddess. She is sitting directly next to a vine rich plant. Her appearance is other-worldly yet is a full embodiment of an Earth Mother. Her consciousness and form is as vast and infinite as the Cosmos, yet embodying a strong and earthy physical presence. She feels like Gaia, herself.

With a gracious nudge, she generously offers me a small gourd-like bowl, extended from the palm of her hands, gesturing for me to have a drink. The liquid is dark and thick. “I have been waiting for you,” she says.

Her spirit and pulse is strong and full of life. As we mingle and merge with her energetic field, Anne and I both light up as we receive intuitive messages, insights and deep medicine. Love and relationship is shared and imprinted into the fabric of our souls.

As our awareness of the presence of Ayahuasca begins to change from form to a lighter formless state, we slip in between worlds. The laughter of children fill the space in our present surroundings. Expansive waves of joy and bliss flow freely throughout our bodies. We gently return to the awareness of this precious moment basking in the sunlight up on the hill. We take a few moments to connect with and engage all of our senses as we receive all we encountered on our adventure bringing it into a full embodied experience.

Feeling the warm SUN upon our skin, we cool our bodies down with some fresh water. We stand up outstretching our arms wide to the sky. Both laughing and giggling, we offer our gratitude for sharing in this most momentous occasion!

…and so it is!

ALISUN TREES aka Auntie Owl

Following the pulse of joy…


We all catch glimpses of something so fantastic, from time to time, that the world around us begins to take on new shapes and forms that enliven our spirits to grow. Inspired by an extraordinary sunset or impulse that lifts us in some way, we feel a calling from deep within to be express in ways that are so very natural and unique to who and what we are. In those moments we often experience an inner knowing that sends chills up and down our spines or a similar sensation unique to our own. One that reveals our true essence natrually inspiring joy.

Following the pulse of our excitement and joy, inspires a shift that encourages us to stretch even greater than ever before.

As we begin to open and expand our new wings on the horizon, we experience our inner and outer reality changing and sparking a greater awareness offering more vitality and vibrancy to our lives. Everything changes from deep within, naturally inspiring a shift that is unique to our personal experience.

Everything and everyone begins to shine even brighter as we orient to the new way of seeing our lives and the world within, emanating from the inside out. I find that it takes an openness and a willingness to be transparent to be a free spirit. It takes great focus, intention and a willingness to change and grown, as we expand and shift in ways that are truly and authentically real! and to be lifted to be of service in the world.

Each day, we are shining brighter, naturally and spontaneously sweeping away old patterns, inspiring more love to shine and to be seen. We become lighter and brighter, which inspires the whole world to vibrate in a whole new way.

Perhaps, this is why we truly chose to be here at this most auspicious time?


“Let us find Spirit in every moment, and in all places.”


Listening for the pulse beneath my finger tips upon the keyboard…I take a moment to pause…reflect…and listen gently for a message on the winds.

By my feet, I catch a glimpse of a piece of paper that moments ago spiraled down from my desk to the floor.

I pick it up. The message reads, “Let us find Spirit in every moment, and in all places.”

Ah. Yes. Perfect…A great place to start. We could all use a little nudge from time to time to tune into the magic of each moment. And to the spirit of place.

This past year, I, along with 50 green Gaia’s embarked on a beautiful spirit filled journey with the Gaia School of Earth Healing and Earth Education here in California. It was a 10 month journey into the world of plant sprit healing and herbal studies passed on through the WISE WOMAN TRADITION. In fact, these words written on the paper were a sweet gift from one do our meetings together.

It was a time devoting to remembering…unwinding…stretching…growing…and reWILDing! and most of all, at least for me, Remembering my ROOTS…

Many of us have felt a disconnection with where we came from. From our Roots. The very roots from which we came from as human beings on planet earth, to the land upon which we live upon as well as accessing the roots of our inner worlds.

This has occurred over time for many reasons. And I imagine we could trace this way back into the spiraling patterns of our DNA. For we all carry within us the codes and keys of our ancient ancestry held into the very structure and foundation of our being. And sometimes all it takes is a spark, something that ignites a remembrance of something. Its this pulse and remembrance of our connection to our communities, ecosystems, and with with each other that ushers us into great health and well being. As we tap the root, so to speak, we learn to tend in a new way.

Once, we touch the pulse of our roots and synch up with our natural rhythms, we build up strength and power to reach beyond what has ever been before.

A spark lights us up from within. A light turns on.

As we return to our roots, we expand into worlds so vast and expansive that we laugh in wonder, wondering, why it took so long to find our ROOTS, once again.. Imagine, if everyone grew their own food and herbs in accordance with the spirit of the land, the planets and the moon. What once was so natural and vital to our way of life on the planet has become lost as if hidden deep in the earth as a hidden treasure, to be discovered today!

Some of us, were either lucky enough to have a grandparent that carried the wisdom and passed on througb the family line, or lived and grew up close to the land. Or perhaps, made the courageous and bold choice to take it upon themselves to travel into the depths of Earths wisdom and bring it back into awareness in the collective.

We are living in time, where it is imperative and ripe to remember again our natural ways and cycles. Our Planet is changing and there is a potentiality that our planet may be uninhabitable for our future ancestors to live on the planet…

We all are becoming more aware of this. And while, we each may each sense this and carry our unique perspective of the coming ways of the world, we know deep in our hearts that the opportunity and invitation of these coming days, is to return to our ROOTS To celebrate Mother Earth.

It is time to empower ourselves to care for ourselves in a greater way. To tend to the Wild…to inspire a global world wide shift, to return to harmony…
Not because we have to, because we truly want to! Its that spark that lights us up, where we remember who we are…

We live in a world where people are cut off from their roots, which causes much disease and illness in our bodies and in the ones we love. We can heal this split. And its free. Its the most inexpensive health care there is today. It takes care, Yes…

and while, many of us have been tending the soil of Mother Earth for a long time and have kept this knowledge close to our hearts, there is a greater call to remember once again…to fully participate…in ways that nourish our souls and lights the path for others to see.

So, “Let us find Spirit in every moment and in all places” may sounds simple, and it is…but imagine a whole world fully touching the pulse of life and being moved and inspired by the magic of each and every moment. Celebrating the juiciness of life and the very land we stand upon. Let’s reclaim this!


Calling in the Spirit of Mugwort

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The Gaia Green witches gather ceremoniously upon a hip Californian mountaintop. The Sun is shining with a buzz of energy cultivating in the air. Sacred smoke opens the space as a way to cleanse, purify and awaken the senses. A drumbeat calls us in one by one. Each Gaia finds their way around the colorfully rich altar and takes a seat.

The beating of the drum continues and invites us to settle in, calling us closer to Mother Earth. We are a circle of nineteen women gathering as a newly formed group, honoring the practice of the Wise Women Tradition. We are here as plant spirit apprentices committing to the dance to remember and awaken this ancient tradition of herbalism and plant spirit medicine within all the cells of our beings.

A statue of Isis stands tall on the altar. Crystals in various forms, pinecones and natural elements hold court on the center stage to deepen our communion with the nature sprits. Spirited herbal teas conspire and giggle in jars infused with magic, while sacred smoke fills the air.

The fire of our imaginations inspire and awaken our realities. The gentle stirrings of the nourishing plants, Nettles, Oat straw, Red Clover, Dandelion and Burdock, rest in the center of the alter as our plant allies for today.

Twinkling eyes and open hearts illuminate the space. We join hands as we call in sacred space together. We begin by calling in the Seven Sacred directions. East, South, West and North. Above, Below and the Sacred Center (The Heart).

Around the circle we go, making introductions and inviting into the circle a plant spirit that is stirring from the depths of our souls. The spirit of Dandelion, Artemis, Sage and Rosemary are called forth. As so are, Lavender, Nettles, Chamomile and Linden…

As the dance of the spiral grows closer to me, I feel a sense of excitement spilling forth. From the center of my heart I hear a gentle stirring of the winds…..”I call forth the spirit of Mugwort. Thank You Mugwort for your medicine. We welcome you into our sacred circle.”

The circle is cast.


Journey with HAWK


Hawk circles high above the tall ponderosa pine trees. Loosening from one of hawks wings, a luminous feather descends in a slow melodic dance into the center of the circle below.

A gentle stirring and hush resounds among the circle.

A man wearing shoulder length hair, soft in curl, gathers the feather from the ground and places it with great care into the palm of his hand.

He holds the feather in his right hand and takes a few moments to listen.

An owl set high up in the neck of the trees hoots. His presence captivates the attention of the group.

Waving the feather in a circular fashion, and then gently stroking the hawk feather, a message reveals. Listening for the pulse of the feather and the resonance of the field, the gentleman begins to speak.

This message comes at an auspicious time as the circle has just formed with the intention to attune to the earths energies and opening to the voice of Spirit.

“Hello, our dear human friends. Thank You for receiving us with great love and respect. We bring you a message. One for the whole circle. Please know that we are here as partners and allies. We are so happy to have been called in today into your circle. It brings us great joy when we experience this upon the earth. So many of you are gathering today, just like the ancient ones did many many moons ago. It is beautiful to see. Thank You.

It is a time of great change and transformation upon your planet. What an opportunity it is to be on this earth at this time. Always remember how vitally important it is to feel ones roots and to ground ones energy. When we are centered, grounded and connected with the earths energies, we can more easily be here embodied as our spiritual essence.

Hold in your hearts an awareness that your connection with earth, the cosmos and All living beings is vital to the health and well being of the whole planetary system. For WE ARE REMEMBERING, once again, that we all are truly related. That, together, we are whole. We thrive together. Remember that in all your interactions. The truth of what we share today among this beautiful circle.

Is there anyone in the circle that feels any resistance to this change, Hawk lovingly asks?”

A women’s voice comes forth into the circle.
“Hello, hawk. What do I do when I feel anxious or sad. Disconnected? Out of balance?
It’s like I can feel and see the light, but I can’t fully access it.”

The hawk looks up in the sky. Makes eye contact with owl.
Owl exchanges glances with hawk.

“We invite you to feel this separation and fear dear One. Stay with your feelings. As you stay with any feelings of discomfort, open to the beauty of your heart. All the way. Feel all the love inside you radiating out. Open to your joy. Feel how the energy begins to shift.”

“Think of something that makes you happy.”Owl offers from above.

Can you feel this young sister, hawk asks?”

“Yes,” she says with enthusiasm. Thank you. I feel it. I feel it!

The young girl shares. “I realize now that I have been feeling sad. And that by feeling everything
And being in my joy at the same time, it is like giving myself permission to be real. To be seen. To be heard. To feel my power.”

“In all my vulnerabilities, I can feel safe. Connected.
I know I am loved. And I can feel the higher nature of myself.
Thank you, dear hawk. I feel much better and lighter.”

The feather and form of hawk once glowing and active rests quietly in the lap of the gentlemen who had initially received the feather.

The air is still. Hearts open and illuminating. A gentle breeze spirals through the circle, spontaneously lifts the feather and landing into the hands of another. A new message emerges.


Magical Places


You know those places that speak directly to your soul? Those powerful points on the earth where your spirit soars free and you feel an expansion in your heart vibrating from head to toe. Truly MAGICAL, right? Among this beautiful blue green earth there are very special places that naturally stoke the fire, spontaneously spinning a golden thread of light into a tapestry of extraordinary delight. Transformative places. ANCIENT PLACES, here among MOTHER EARTH, that have been imprinted within the very cells of our DNA from a long, long time ago.

Sedona Vortex


LISTENing on the winds, a stirring brews in the distance. A sea of birds pass above upon the rich azul sky. The red earth landscape shimmers with hues of regal red and bright luminous orange stretching far beyond the naked eye. Giant cathedrals of Red Rocks peek out from vista to vista revealing a winding road.

Chasing vortexes is a magical spiraling dance with Spirit. One can be swept away in an instance captivated by such vast beauty. Remembering to slow down and be present to the energy spiraling up through the earth here and now, I realize that the very rock that my foot rests upon is the very place that I am to BE.

What is more MAGICAL than LISTENing and FEELing into the spaciousness and consciousness of each and every moment?

I remind myself to CENTER. BREATH. LIVE IN GRATITUDE and with upmost reverence for the beauty that is in the NOW.

The winds surge and shift directions. It’s my call from Spirit to make an offering and go forward on my journey.


Communion with Nature


Mother Nature offers us some of the most extraordinary opportunities to divine and communicate with the natural world. The more we take the time to connect with nature, we begin to see that the nature spirits are more than happy to make contact with us. The truth is that we are always connected. However, when we realize this truth, and feel it in the core of our bones, what emerges is something fantastic and other worldly.

It’s as easy as taking a moment to pause, reflect and listen for the synchronicities occurring. Through our senses we form relationships. It may be through taste, smell, touch, energetically or spiritually.

Some may see light around the plants in the form of devas, faeries or elves. Others may sense something familiar forming in their memories through the sensations of touch and smell. Perhaps, transported back into a childhood memory or a past life experience. The important thing to realize is that we all form our own unique relationships with nature. And there is no limit to what that can be like for us.

When we listen for and tune in to the subtleties and vibrations of nature, we enter into a state of oneness and open our channels to receive messages from the earth and cosmos in beautiful ways.

Living in a state of harmony and following our divine inner compass, offers us a plethora of insights and messages that inspire us along the path of wholeness and well being. The natural world teaches and reflects so beautifully, the art of living in harmony, as this is their natural state of being.


Mystic Travellers


Imagine a tribe of mystic travelers embarking on a journey together. A sacred space is created. The circle invoked. We arrive with our hearts and spacious.

Together, we embark on a journey to inspire and awaken, engage and cultivate our relationships with Mother Earth, Source and Spirit that which flows through everyone and everything. We come to celebrate and awaken our dreams and visions, for all the world to see!



Plant Medicine in the Dreamtime


Tuning into the energetic matrix of The Earth and cosmic sky, I stretch forth my arms, feeling the pulse of life upon my fingertips. Luminous streams of light expand and swirl around me in my bedroom space. Tuning into the frequencies and images forming, I enter into the sacred dreamtime.

Slipping gently into my dreams, my body feeling relaxed and spacious, I enthusiastically call upon my beloved plant spirit allies. Pulses of light appear and caress my skin. A gentle wind ignites and lifts me into an expanded state of consciousness.

Luminous reflections of greens and golden rays of sunshine penetrate the layer between the seen and unseen worlds. Plants waving in the wind, swaying back and forth, in harmony with the dancing winds. I am captivated by their presence. Streams of light ride the waves upon the surface of my skin.

Light and airy, calm and friendly, a green, luminous geometric form bathes me in its significant form. “Who are you, I ask?” “I am a healing plant. Some refer to me as Noni.”
Bitter in taste, sweet in nature, she wraps me up in an ecstatic trance, embracing me closely around her body.

My heartbeat growing slower and deeper, I discover that I have landed in the center of a tropical rainforest. Spontaneously, I feel lifted and transported into a new reality.

A light ahead cascades through the glass paned building, calling me to come forth. Luminous green lights flicker in the sunlight catching my eye. Following the beam of light as far as I can go, I stand at the doorway greeted by three beautiful radiant forms.

Three full figured colorfully dressed women reach their hands towards me, making an offering of food. They exchange knowing glances to each other. I receive their gifts graciously.

Tamales, beans and rice, guacamole, chips and salsa, pass into my hands. “Eat”, they say. I hear faint voices and the exchange of giggles.

“May I enter the garden with my food, I ask?
“Yes,” they answer as they usher me forward with a sweeping motion ahead.

Feeling inspired and curious, I enter a wonderful and magical space. An array of plants illuminate from the garden just steps away.

The garden is alive, buzzing with harmony and intention. I feel a buzz and pulse of life connecting with my field of energy. Setting down the food on the steps of the passageway, I follow a thread of light to the tall and luminous green leaves, in the near distance.

Scanning the garden, left to right, all around and then back again, I realize that I am left to solitude in the space.

Feeling a pulse of gravity bringing me closer to the earth, I enter into a state of sacred communion. My breath expanding as my heartbeat mingles and merges with the resonance of the light.

Resting upon the fertile soil, I tune into the matrix of the earth. Timeless and present. Expansive and liberating. I feel at peace. At home. A natural state of being emerges as I return to my self.

Enjoying the awareness of the collective field of energy, a message of light is sent my way, as if carried on the winds of change.

“Take a leaf and rub this leaf upon your unclothed body,” the spirit offers.

I peel off the layers of my clothes. Feeling uninhibited and free to be me, I rest naked upon the earth. Feeling a cleansing sweep of a warmth sensation, I allow an intimate dance with the plant spirits to emerge. Engaged, I experience a familiar and warm feeling rubbing up against my body. All my sensations are further awakened and activated, as I can feel everything to the touch.

One gigantuous Noni leaf emerges. Taking the one giant leaf in my hand, I rub my whole body with the plant, in a sweeping and cleansing motion. As the spirit encouraged me to do.

“Prepare yourself and be gentle.”The spirit offers.

A stirring of the winds invites my attention. This will help center you as you go forth on your new journey.” Feeling transported, yet ever present in this new reality, I take the time to receive the healing and transmissions available to me among this collective field of energy.

Feelings of gratitude encompass my awareness, as I offer gratitude to the spirit of this luminous and beautiful feminine plant. Shortly after, I awaken from this beautiful dream. Sunlight streaming through the window, with the feeling of spirit on my skin.